Our Success Stories


Gold Jewelry Retailer
  • We worked continuously with this leading Gold Jewelry Retailer from 2002 onwards, when it had only 3 stores located in the Indian State of Kerala, till 2016
  • In these 14 years, the retailer grew to become one of the Top 10 Gold Jewelry Retail Chains in the World with over 150 stores located in 8 countries and a turnover of more than US $ 3 billion per year, without availing any bank loans
  • A new business model was created to enable an owner driven front end supported by a professional driven back end. This allowed the retailer to provide extraordinary customer service, while obtaining all benefits of economies of scale
  • To fund the exponential expansion a unique investor owned company run franchise system was implemented
  • A responsive Demand Chain consisting of multiple factories and collection centers was set up in regional clusters to provide localized product variety with a very high availability
Consumer Goods

FMCG Manufacturer/Distributor
  • We have been working continuously with this FMCG manufacturer/distributor since 2005, when it had a few brands, was operating at a capacity utilization of 15%, and had 40 distribution vehicles covering around 4000 shops in Kerala
  • Today the company is the third largest FMCG company in Kerala, has expanded its brand portfolio dramatically, has grown more than 10 times during this period, with more than 350 distribution vehicles covering around 70,000 shops in Kerala
  • The company was able to migrate from a heavily credit oriented sales method, to a service oriented sales method in which more than 70% of the sales are on ready cash to retailers
  • A responsive demand oriented production system was implemented in the factories, enabling a reduction in FG from 90 days to 10 days with availability increasing from 70% to 95%
  • These initiatives have enabled the organization to grow exponentially with internal accruals and close all existing bank loans, enabling it run as a debt free company today
Door Manufacturer/Distributor
  • We have been working continuously with this door manufacturer since 2009 when the company was entirely focused on the credit and bulk order oriented institutional market in Kerala in which it was the market leader
  • Today the company is the leader in the institutional market as well as the retail market, and has set up over 70 retail shops across Kerala using a unique dealer/franchisee model, to directly service the retail customer
  • A responsive distribution system was set up enabling free delivery of even a single door from the factory to customer across Kerala. Using this system, the company has been able to sell doors to the retail market on ready cash basis, at premium prices
  • A flexible production system was also introduced enabling the company to manufacture even a single custom made door within 3 days
  • Utilising the responsive distribution and flexible production system, the company is able to manufacture and deliver even single custom made door to a retail customer within 7 days across Kerala

Large Charitable Hospital
  • We have been working continuously with this large charitable hospital based in Kerala since 2011 when the hospital was overloaded with patient complaints
  • A robust booking system and many other initiatives to improve patient flow were introduced for Out Patients (OP), resulting in the reduction of OP complaints by over 90% and reduction in the average registration/consulting/pharmacy cycle time for patients from 5 hours to 1.5 hours
  • These initiatives resulted in the daily OP increasing from 600 patients per day to over 2000 patients per day
  • The huge increase in OP led to a significant increase in admissions resulting in the hospital running at full bed capacity throughout the year
  • Many initiatives like Planned Date of Discharge (PDD), synchronization of all departments to enable Quick Discharge etc, resulted in 60% of patients being discharged before 2pm compared to 20% previously
  • Today the hospital has expanded using its unique business model and runs a network of 4 hospitals and 2 clinics in the Indian State of Kerala
  • The total hospital network handles around 80,000 Out-Patients (OP) and more than 2400 In-Patient (IP) admissions every month

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