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Our Service is focused on delivering significant and long-lasting results to our clients. The various steps of our service are outlined below:

Introductory Meeting (3 to 8 hours)

  • The first step is to hold a face to face meeting between RCG and the Entrepreneur. In this meeting, RCG understands the problems faced by the Entrepreneur and is able to identify the few factors that govern the performance of the organization. RCG will outline several high-level improvement initiatives that will solve the identified problems and provide estimates of the benefits expected. If the Entrepreneur and RCG are convinced that these benefits are significant and attainable, the terms of the engagement are discussed and finalized. The engagement is then started on a mutually agreeable date


Launch Meeting (1 day)
  • The engagement starts with a 1-day launch meeting in which the various improvement initiatives are prioritized based on their potential benefits. The members of the implementation team from the Entrepreneur is finalized and the first initiative is launched


Implementation Meetings (6 months to several years)
  • The progress of the initial improvement initiative is reviewed and appropriate modifications made. Once the first initiative is over, the next initiative is taken up and the same process is repeated until all major initiatives are completed. This phase takes a minimum of 6 months and normally extends for many years as new initiatives are developed based upon the results of the implementation of the initial improvements.

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